Father’s Day Weekend Recap

When you have a schedule that resembles an overwhelming plate of scrambled eggs with a side of meatloaf casserole (I totally just made that one up), I’ve learned that it’s generally wiser to shrink everything down to much smaller, manageable bites. While I’m very well aware of all the craziness that’ll go on in my schedule these next 12 months, I’ve been tackling all this busy-ness week by week. This is done not only for organizational purposes, but for everyone’s sanity here at Ben Lau Photography HQ (which at the moment, comprises of two photographers and a 9 month old Lil Monster).

Blues, Pinks and Greens are shooting days, Reds are meeting days, and Purples are Work-In-Your-Pajamas days.
The blank days are days we get to eat, shower and do normal human being stuff.

On Friday night, we wrapped up around 12 midnight for a wedding in Central Jersey, and I made my way down towards Maryland for an 8am shoot. Karis would leave separately and head back to Northern Jersey (a much, much shorter drive!), where she had a morning shoot as well. It was about 2am when I arrived in Delaware, where I made the executive decision to “rest my eyes” for just a bit. I suppose it could’ve been worse: I could’ve been nodding off somewhere along the NJ Turnpike :).

Almost 12 hours later, I finally pass out in my parent’s guest room (which is actually my old room, now unceremoniously converted into a storage closet with a bed). Sometime earlier that day, I learned it was Father’s Day weekend. While it’s no secret that our family’s not the sentimental type, the least I could do was buy them dinner later that evening…after my nap, of course!

My dad nearly had rice shooting out of his nose when he saw this presentation.

The following day, I visited old clients/friends for a quick meeting, and headed back home to see my wife and kids – whom at this point, have probably started selling off all my belongings. But instead, I come home to this:

My very first Father’s Day tie! The first…of many to come!

Many thanks to my kids and darling wife for making this one of the most memorable Father’s Day ever.
I would gladly sleep in the car at every rest stop in the universe to see those happy faces :).

Hope you guys all had a great weekend. We’ve got tons of awesomeness coming your way!

Ben & Karis

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