He’s Lucky We Don’t Bathe Him In The Kitchen Sink!

There’s a saying that younger siblings should consider themselves lucky if their baths don’t take place in the kitchen sink. After spending all that energy on raising the first kid, many parents simply don’t have the willpower or energy left for the 2nd one. But there is a bright spot in all of this: we as parents have usually figured out the short cuts and make less mistakes the 2nd time around. I’m pretty sure of this (at least that’s what we’ve convinced ourselves at this point). Any parent who can change a baby boy’s diaper in the middle of the night in less than 10 seconds while still half sleeping, and avoid getting sprayed, will confirm this as the unequivocal truth!

But one of the most glaring differences between our two sons is how little photos we have of our younger one. By 6 months, my older son had a hard drive full of images documenting every “first” one could possibly ever imagine. First diaper change? Click-click. First drool? Click-click. First booger? Click-click. Much to the chagrin of everyone on our FB friend’s list, they all got front row seats to all this photo-awesomeness. This second time around? Not so much (much to everyone’s relief, I’m sure).

But we’re definitely trying to change that :).

As I’m writing this, I’m still recovering from Day 2 of my juicing efforts (saving that for another post, altogether). My body hates me right now, but I’m almost pretty sure this will be worth it in the end :). As Karis likes to say: “BEAUTY IS PAIN!!!!”

Happy Thursday ya’ll,

Ben & Karis

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