Lil Monster 2.0 Is (Almost) 1 Month Old!

Well, he’ll be a month old tomorrow anyway :).

This entire month has been a blur, more so professionally than personally. On all fronts, I’m afraid the kiddo won’t be getting a monthly hat like his older brother (at the time of writing this, that seems to be the case).

Baby Aiden is 2 Months Old | Ben Lau Photography

I’m sure 2.0’s probably relieved :).

In truth, this second round of parenting is a little bit easier 1-on-1. This is probably because we’ve learned many of the shortcuts and we exercise them (very) liberally. Baby bath time doesn’t take nearly as long (and he’s just as clean!), and we’ve become quite adept at doing most normal everyday stuff with only one hand, which includes but is not limited to: eating cold leftovers, responding to emails, and of course blogging (though at this very moment while writing this, I am baby-free). At this point, we can pretty much change a diaper in the dark while still halfway-sleeping, and still wake up the next morning semi-conscious and ready to tackle the day. It’s the 2-on-1 and 2-on-2 that’s become a challenge. Now imagine doing everything I just mentioned above, and throw in a two year old little monster who apparently escaped from his bathtub and is now running around the house…while naked…and totally wet.

Yah, it’s only mildly amusing as an afterthought.

Our living/work situation has changed quite a bit since Lil Monster 1.0 was born, as we now both work from home. We’re no longer burning our respective candles from both ends, so our schedules are a little bit more flexible and we can sleep in if we need to. This makes being parents and photographer extraordinaires a little bit easier, I suppose. Right now, our priorities are making sure the big one doesn’t eat the little one when we’re not looking, and of course making sure we make all of our deliveries on time. It’s not so much the bridezillas or groomzillas that we worry about (because it’s a proven fact that all of our brides and grooms are pretty awesome-sauce, to say the least!), it’s the fire-breathing momzillas that give us the heebie-jeebies :).

That squirmy bundle of meat you see before you does not taste like kimchi, tic-tacs, watermelon, pork belly or any of your favorite foods!

It’s difficult to fathom how we got to where we are today, but we certainly acknowledge all these blessings and we’re thankful for all the wonderful love and support we’ve received from our family, friends and clients alike. We realize there will be challenging roads ahead, but something tells me that we’re going to be just fine.

Happy Month-a-versary kiddo. We’ve managed to keep you alive this past month, and your older brother hasn’t eaten you yet. In my book, everybody wins :).

Ben & Karis

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