Waterfalls, Lil Monsters & Blinking Shoes

Lil Monster’s going to be a big brother soon, so we went on a “hiking” trip to celebrate our transition to becoming a family of four. The kid hardly lasted 20 minutes, and I only lasted a few minutes longer. Meanwhile, mom-to-be was doing cartwheels all up and down the mountain. It didn’t seem so long ago when I had a 3 month old Lil Monster strapped on while I was burning the midnight oil. How time flies.

“Yes, son. That is the bridge that connects us New Jersey-ians to civilization.”

My running backwards while shooting fast-moving objects is getting kinda rusty; because, you know…brides in heels can’t run that fast :).

We found a waterfall on the mountainside. I wouldn’t drink the water though :).

We found a tunnel next to the waterfall. I sometimes wish I had blinking LEDs on my shoes too.

Enjoy your youth, kiddo. And enjoy those shoes while they fit too, because I know your little brother will :).

T-minus 12 days folks!

Ben & Karis

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