[Wedding] Sarah & David – NYC Marriage Bureau in New York, NY

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“Nothing good happens after midnight.” I mean, at least that’s how the legend goes. Whoever made that up has clearly never had a jumbo slice of pizza after a long night of partying with friends. And if all that gooey mozzarella and crispy pizza crust is wrong – I definitely don’t wanna be right :).

Soooo what about 5am? Is 5am okay?

Because that’s about the time I left my house to meet up with Sarah & David in Central Park, who would be eloping later on that day at NYC’s City Hall. But just think about it: the tour buses arrive in Central Park at 9am every morning, and the Marriage Bureau opens at 8:00am. Starting at Central Park at 7am is the most efficient and sensible solution; the park will be relatively empty, and we’ll have plenty of time to beat rush hour. And if being efficient and sensible by starting my day at 5am is wrong, I definitely don’t wanna be right :).

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